SEO Basics 2020 : What, Why and How?

SEO Overview:

Guess how many Google searches are performed every single day?

Any Ideas?

Well, it’s about 5 Billion every day. That comes out to about 228 million every hour, 3 million every minute, and whooping 63 million every second.

Now tell me, how many websites or pages show up on that first page when you search for something. Hardly 5 to 10 pages! 75% of people will never scroll down to navigate to the next page. 

Thus, showing up on the front page of any search engine is a tough job. With your website buried under millions of SERP( Search Engine Result Page), you can’t reach your target audience and generate sales leads.

In this rise of the Global economy, with every business realizing the importance of a website and making their online presence, for achieving this benchmark, your website must rank higher in SERP. 

That’s when SEO comes into the scene. But what is SEO anyway?

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization. Your site is ranked high on a search engine in the unpaid section. It is a process optimization technique by which your website is ranked high. It is also known as organic listings that come naturally by Google search algorithms like Panda.

Let me break it down further, SEO is that magic ingredient that increases the likelihood of Google algorithms finding your website or blogs (that lead to your site).

Though there are factors like performing well in social media marketing, PPC (Pay Per Click) activities along with other digital marketing, SEO is an integral part of Digital marketing strategy. SEO makes your website rank on the first page of SERP, moreover also gives a great deal of free organic marketing.

SEO is a framework with different dimensions, tools, and tactics, hence a crucial topic. 

We will dig deeper into all these in my next blogs. But today, let’s focus on understanding the basics of SEO.

Creating an SEO Strategy:

SEO is a campaign. It does not happen overnight. A strategy that has efficient campaigns can take 6-12 months before delivering any results. Here are some most essential components of SEO to get SEO process right:

Know your audience and your industry

Questions like Who are they? What do they search for? What are they talking about now in your marketplace? Who are my competitors? What are they doing right?

You can use tools like GoogleTrends, answer engines like Quora. Tools are just part of it, but you need to sit down with your team and discuss uncovering the answers above.

Other Tools: Buzzsumo, Facebook, SEMRush, Answer The Public, Bloomberry.

Technical SEO

You need a strong technical foundation, i.e., your hosting, how your website design- CMS systems, site-speed, javascript, coding, metatags, etc.

For example, a page of an authoritative domain (e.g., .edu or .gov), will be much higher on the search results than a page on a domain with lesser authority. You can use several tools like MOZ to check your domain rank. Similarly, website speed is one of the ranking factors used by Google. You can use a tool like google_pagespeed to check your website speed.

Other Tools: Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Web Developer Toolbar, WebPage test, Google Mobile-Friendly Test, Google, W3C Validator, Moz Bar, Botify, Whitespark.

Keyword Strategy

As we get a strong foundation, we move up the pyramid towards more complex SEO components.

90% of SEO usually revolves around keyword selection. It’s a massively important topic that deserves its very own section. I will try to cover this in my future posts.

With Google algorithm getting better day by day, keyword stuffing is a no-go these days. Often the key is to make sure that your keywords exist in strategical ways in relevant places (like meta description, URL, and headlines). There is no need to repeat words tons of times in your text.

There are several tools like Moz Keyword Explorer, Google keyword planner, etc. that you can use to check how much value would a keyword add to your website? Also, there are things like Long tail keywords often with demographic details, that give more traffic to your site than single or chunky keywords. Example: Black purse for women in Kathmandu vs. Purse Vs. Black Purse.

Other Tools: SEM Rush, Hubspot Keyword Tool, Google Adwords Keyword Planner, Trending topics in Social Media


In a rapidly growing industry where the market shifts quickly, knowing what exactly audiences are searching for in the market, is essential. For this, you must do a quarterly or even bi-monthly integration of keyword research tasks into your SEO process. It is one of the examples when Analytics and reporting come into the scene.

SEO is a campaign, and If you can’t get an accurate report on the results of the campaign, how can you make reasonable adjustments to an SEO strategy?

We can use a tool like  Google Analytics to run reports on keywords, pages, users, traffic channels, etc. 

It will help you see what exact keywords and landing pages are the primary drivers of your SEO process execution, New Customers Vs.—Returning Customers to check the health status of your site. 

Other Tools: Google’s Webmaster Tools, Ahrefs, Check My Links, Buzz stream, Moz’s Pro Tools, UpCity’s SEO report.

Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO, it’s the practice of optimizing your content to achieve a better ranking for your web pages in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Why is mobile SEO important?

According to recent data, mobile searches have exceeded desktop searches and thus generate more traffic.

On top of this, Google has implemented a mobile-first index. The latest recommendations suggest that all sites adopt a best-practice of mobile-friendly, responsive designs moving forward. 

You can use a mobile-friendly test from Google to test how friendly your website is.

Other Tools: Google Mobile Website Speed Testing, Pure Oxygen’s Mobile SEO Page Analyzer, Varvy’s Mobile SEO Issue Tool 


Getting crawled means that Google is looking at the page to check the possibility of ranking. Crawling is how search engine bots discover your site.

Bots are the programs. They crawl(systematically browse) from one page to the next one through the website links.

Depending on how well these bots index all pages on your website, it’s more probable that you are reported back to Google as a good fit for search results-this is because search engines rank web pages, not the only website.

Thick links between pages in your site makes it easier for bots to reach all of them, which gives the search engine a better understanding of your website.

You can make this easier for Google by creating something called a “sitemap”- with a simple plugin if you’re on WordPress or an online XML sitemap generator. You can also use a tool like SEO crawlers to see crawlers in action.

Other Tools: SEMRush, ScreamingFrog, DeepCrawl, Splunk, Moz, Botify


Backlinks are links from a page on one website to another. If someone provides a link to your site, then you have a backlink from them. If you link to another website, then they have a backlink from you. 

Search engines like Google use link-based ranking. Backlinks from unique websites correlate strongly with organic search traffic.

Sites (like .edu or .gov domains) are considered more authoritative, and quality backlinks from these also help to get better rankings.

 Search engines revisit popular pages more than unpopular ones. 

If you get backlinks from reliable pages, search engines may discover your content faster.

Backlinks remain very important for raising a site’s position in the SERPs. 

You can use a tool like Heatmap to look at what area of your website attracts from traffic. Other tools include  AhrefsMozLinkExplorerUbersuggest, etc. 

Focus on these areas to add relevant backlinks to get user clicks. Google frequently looks at the relevancy of the site linking to you. Things like how well known the linking site is, how many links you have in total, and the anchor text of each link.

Other Tools: Ahref’s Site Explorer, Google Chrome extension Check My Links, Broken Link Builder, Linkbird, Pitchbox, Whitespark, Linkstant, Linkody, BuzzStream


More than 200 determining factors of Google search algorithms are public. Here is a compiled list of those by Backlinko.

People have found many ways to bend and break those rules to get their sites to rank high. These ways, also called black hat SEOs scheme, may help them make a few thousand dollars fast but need to continuously lookout for search engine updates and come up with new ways to dodge the rules, so it is not sustainable.

 On the other hand, white hat SEO, playing according to the search engine’s rules, helps businesses grow sustainably. It focuses on customers rather than a search engine.

Things to focus on for good content are Keyword targeting, on-page optimizations, meta optimizations, no typos, no grammatical errors, optimized images. 

Other Tools: Wordtracker, Ubersuggest, SpyFu, InboundWriter, Majestic, Raven, BrightEdge, Google Analytics

Local SEO Optimization:

To get an advantage on big-name competitors, use your local presence and knowledge.

 Use keywords to target local areas, including location and phone numbers.

Get listed in directories like Yellow pages, Yelp, etc. (whatever applies to your area).

An audit to make sure that you are compliant with ranking rules also helps a lot.

Depending upon your market audience, leveraging reviews on your website as well as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram is also a crucial step to gain trust in your service or product.

Other Tools: Moz Local, BrightLocal, Listing Management Tool by SEMrush, GeoRanker, Synup’s Local SEO Checklist


I hope I was able to help you understand what SEO is and various components needed to take into consideration for an effective SEO strategy. 

The most important part of this blog is to create awareness that search engines like Google use various metrics for rating a web page. So it’s critical to realize that search engine optimization isn’t optional anymore, it’s a necessity.

While it does take some effort to get a few SEO basics right, it might kill your online presence if you don’t.

If you haven’t focused on SEO yet, please keep in mind that 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine.

Spending your time and energy in even one of the SEO tools and strategies mentioned above, I’m pretty confident that it will help you take another step towards reaching your marketing goal of converting traffic to Sales Qualified Leads.

If you need any insights or tips on getting started, please contact our professional. 

If you found this article helpful in any way, please share it on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram using links below.

Have you applied SEO to your business? Are there any other tools for SEO that you found helpful? Have I missed some crucial search engine optimization basics? Let me know in the comments. 

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Why Small businesses are missing out; without a website ?

Did you know? 1.67 crores Nepalese use the internet, and are growing by 22+ lakhs every year. With this grand market of internet users, without a website, businesses can miss out from a lot of opportunities. 

Internet penetration in Nepal stood at 35% in January 2020.

The website gives data about your business; however, it likewise improves believability and lifts your deals. Besides, you can have a multilingual (both in Nepali and English) website, with the goal that individuals visiting your site can see the substance in their language, and you don’t lose your potential client. 

If you maintain your business without having a site, you might be absent from a vast number of buyers. 

Small businesses are already competing with a big market. Without a proper small business website, it is just where you lose a lot of your potential customers.

Today, having an organization site is as vital as having a shop, office, or phone number. Research has discovered that 6/10 clients anticipate that brands should have content online about their business. Why standby any more drawn out your clients are searching for you! 

On the off chance that you don’t have a site for your business, it just implies that your business doesn’t exist for those 97% Internet clients. (Nepali information required) 

Here’s an overview of the advantages of having a site for your business. 

Builds up Business Credibility

A website speaks to your online business number. The internet is where your customers, clients, and potential clients visit to discover you on the web. 

Your “Landing page” represents your marked offer while the About Us page gives data about your business. The Contact Us page shows your areas and contact numbers. 

Along these lines, it demonstrates to the online clients that your business exists, thus improving your believability. 

Having a business site makes your business more dependable than online registries and internet-based life pages. As per one study, 84% of clients considered the organization’s website more solid than internet based life pages or online accommodation.

In the present world, there is a desire for any respectable organization to have an online presence. Potential clients would probably be doubting any business that didn’t have a phone number or a physical location, and the equivalent is said for not having a site and email address. These are helpful apparatuses to impart pivotal data about your business to clients and answer all the What’s and Why’s that they may have. Furthermore, having a decent quality, simple to-utilize site causes clients to feel great utilizing your administrations, as they will accept they can anticipate a similar positive involvement with all territories of your business. 

Improves Your Online Presence

A site takes your business past the neighborhood limits to potential clients around the world. The site will make your business visible all over the world. Making your contributions accessible worldwide can extend your business and income too. 

There are 3.5 billion individuals, or 47% of individuals are online consistently, representing the world’s half of the population. They are looking for data, sharing via web-based networking media, or utilizing web-based business sites. This number will be on the ascent because of the consistently expanding constancy on the innovation. You can, without much of a stretch, envision what you could lose if you don’t have a site for your business.

Besides, you can improve your online distance by recruiting a decent web-based advertising organization that not only aids in getting your business in front of a focused crowd but will likewise deal with the online audit on your business.

Having a site implies clients are consistently ready to discover you – whenever, anywhere. Indeed, even outside of business hours, your website keeps on finding and secure new clients. It offers the client accommodation as they can get to the data they need in the solace of their own home, with no additional strain to purchase. Besides, as most organizations these days have their site, there are odds you could be losing clients to your rivals by staying disconnected. 

24/7 available to your customers 

You are probably going to dismiss clients because of your end time. Isn’t that so? 

However, this isn’t the situation with your site. 

The site can be gotten to every minute of every day, implying that your clients can visit it whenever from any corner of the world. They can purchase your items, or research your administrations without holding up until your physical store is open. 

You will be available to them regularly. Additionally, speedy reaction to the clients’ inquiries with the assistance of Live Chat choice increases the trust of the crowd on your business as they probably know. You will be there for them at whatever point they have any inquiry and will get the necessary arrangements. 

Supports Your Analytics 

With a site, you can follow everything that is occurring over it using examination apparatuses. You can take a peek at what number of individuals visit your site a day, or what number of clients have messaged you. It causes you to know the socioeconomics or demographics of your clients. 

You can make better advertising methodologies based on this information and increment your deals or odds of accomplishing the focused objectives. 

Engages Your Customer Service

Sites give a simpler method to deal with client care. Offering answers to routinely posed inquiries in a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) segment, you can lessen client support expenses and set aside time and cash, just as giving considerably more data. This likewise implies clients can get an answer in a split second and spares time, which assists with empowering positive client relations over the long haul. This could be an advantage for you; all positive criticism can be transferred into a tribute, your clients are happy, why not show it off?! 

Limits Operational Costs 

You can utilize sites to sell your administrations and items straightforwardly to customers. Now and again, sites dispose of the need of “blocks and concrete” stores that include working expenses related with staff, rental and utilities. Also, it is extremely valuable when you need to work various stores over the city. Expelling these overheads encourages you to spare costs. Also, the site goes about as an inward gathering so you can communicate with your workers, taking out the requirement for gatherings and travel costs.

Just as basically showing data, you can likewise utilize your site to sell merchandise and administrations straightforwardly to customers, now and again evacuating the need to utilize “blocks and concrete” stores which include huge working costs (staff compensation, rental, utilities to give some examples). Dispensing with these overheads will likewise permit you to bring down your costs, giving your business that genuine serious edge. It can likewise be utilized inside your business; do you have any news you need to impart to partners or have any significant data that can be gotten to by the executives? Having an interior site can spare you a great deal of time as all that you need is one place and can be gotten to whenever.

Broadens the Information Exchange 

At its most straightforward, a site gives a speedy and simple method of imparting data among purchasers and merchants. You can list your opening times, contact data, show pictures of your area or items, and use contact structures to encourage enquiries from potential clients or criticism from existing ones. 

You can even transfer limited time recordings to truly connect with your clients and sell your business in a viable and cost effective manner. This is additionally a decent method to advance your web-based social networking channels and develop a network with your clients. 

Expand your Market 

As your site is available to anybody anywhere throughout the world, the capacity to get through land boundaries has never been simpler. Anybody, from any nation, will have the option to discover your organization and in that capacity, is presently a potential client.

Valuable Insights of your customers

Systematic instruments permit you to recognize who your common place client is, how they discovered you, their interests, and adjust your business to boost sales. The assorted scope of information accessible can help you better see how your online life channels influence your image. The website even features any chances to change the disconnected parts of your business, such as branch opening occasions, advancements and item runs. 

Make the most of Online Advertising 

Instruments like Google AdWords or publicizing on Facebook enable you to arrive at clients with considerably more precision and unwavering quality. Web optimization and web-based publicizing are an extraordinary method to help develop mindfulness; if it’s done accurately, traffic to your site can see an expansion. 

Websites allow the consumer to process items and find other items that the user might be interested in helping you to advertise other products from your business. 

Helpful tips you can do by yourself

  • Connection your site to Google – My Business
  • Make your site load quicker
  • Utilize pertinent watchwords in your meta depictions, URLs and page titles
  • Make backlinks to your site
  • Highlight internet based life symbols on the site
  • Make your site versatile responsive as more clients search web based utilizing their cell phones.

For more information on responsive design visit :

Mobile design vs Responsive design

Get a standard website for your small business at Kozzaja.

Give us a call.

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Design Web

How much should businesses allocate for a website budget in Nepal?

With five years of experience in building websites at Kozzaja, we found that, our customers ask the same questions first. How much does it cost to build a simple website? The truth is that building a website depends on the goals we try to achieve and the budget we allocate to make it. People and companies create website for different reasons. Find out, where you most focus on with this Website Essentials.
At Kozzaja, we have website plans of Rs 1000/- for small business and Rs. 35,000/- for medium business. 

Here, we’ll only show you how much it will cost to put up a website for small and medium businesses. The goals include showcasing the services you provide, and growing your online business presence.

In Nepal, business owners from both small and medium organizations can have a hard time allocating an accurate budget to create a website. Just a few firms put their pricing online, and the ones who put their rates online do without explaining much. A proper pricing plan for building a website with features stated within the ideas not only help you as business owners allocate a budget but also educate about the website capabilities. 

We have categorized businesses as a small business and medium business for this post for finding a budget for a website. These are differentiated according to their goals, customer base, and how they engage with their customers only rather than the turnover they produce.

For a Small Business:

Small businesses whose goals are only to showcase their services/ products and contact information in an elegant yet practical way, can be achieved with an essential simple static one-page website, which only costs Rs 1000/- at Kozzaja.

Small businesses include those who have just started with few employees, low customer base, and primarily dependent on offline involvement with them for running their business. They have specific service offerings and don’t change them quite often. Their customers usually interact with them by visiting them physically. Some contact on a call, or using various social media platforms like Facebook.

website budget for small business

With these goals and attributes of small business, we at Kozzaja have prepared a basic plan with Rs. 1,000/- only. 

This plan includes – an elegant, simple yet effective website with only one page, with all the information regarding services/products section, contact information section, pricing plans, and various links for reaching them on multiple platforms. 

For a Medium Business:

Medium businesses with goals to educate and engage with their customers online can get a content management system (CMS) integrated. These come with various social media platforms and analytics to verify their strategies. At Kozzaja, we have a standard plan starting from Rs 35000/- with the superior features inbuilt.

As Medium businesses, we refer to companies that have been running for a few years with an extensive and structured workforce from marketing, sales to administration. Medium businesses have a higher customer base and need to provide support to them. These business firms usually engage with a lot of information about the market, which visitors use to make decisions. A CMS helps you to keep your website up to date so that it can remain a competent and trustworthy channel of communication between you and your customers.

website budget of medium business

If you want a website to market your business for you – that is to attract visitors, convert them to leads and customers, and keep them coming back. A standard website with CMS features, Facebook chat integration, and Google analytics is a must which we provide at a price starting from Rs 35000/-.

Cost of Launching your website:

A website should be hosted with a matching domain along your organization size and goals, and only your customers can visit your site. The cost for the domain name and web hosting is based entirely on your preferences and recurring fees.

Domain Name

Your domain name is your website’s address on the internet, like,, and as per our organization, it’s For the international domain extensions like .com, you need to purchase a domain from a DNS provider or can be registered. As per the .np domain registration, it’s free and is done by Mercantile Communication Pvt. Ltd. You can visit this link to register a new domain.

Domain Name for your business

Web Hosting

Web hosting is similar to the home of your website, where you store your files and content. When a visitor accesses your website by typing your domain name, they are directed to the hosting server’s hosted files.

We at Kozzaja, have been providing hosting services by partnering with Godaddy since 2014.

Website Hosting

In Nepal, there are many hosting service providers and have their plans. You can build your host anywhere in the world.

If you have any questions regarding hosting and domain registration, feel free to contact us.


The pricing may be different depending on the web designing company, as well as your customization requirements. The more unique requirements and functionality you want from your website, the more budget you need to allocate. For example, if your business model is unique for your competitors, and you want a custom design that reflects your brand will require us to work more, which results in a more significant time frame and complexity. As a result, a considerable price quotation. So, customized and unique requirements, we have a Tailored Plan where we talk with you and prepare a quote.

We believe in websites that help achieve the business’s specific goals and objectives rather than the site itself. With these visions, we have prepared various pricing plans for you. If you want to learn more about our pricing at Rs 1000/- Website plan and Rs 35000/- Website Plan.

 You can learn our website design and development process at How we develop Websites in Kozzaja; focus on our process.

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Contact Us for a website at Call us on 9840022222 or send us a mail at


Mobile design vs responsive design : Which to use ?

In 2014, the online world recognized the importance of mobile web, as the number of mobile users on the internet surpassed that of their desktop counterparts. Since then, only mobile users dominate the world. Here are some statistics to emphasize on this fact:

• As of 2010, mobile traffic has been up by 192.5%.

• 4 out of 5 users prefer smartphones to shop.

• 70% of mobile search leads to online action within an hour.

• 94% of consumers use online resources to research products / services before making a purchase.

As the mobile era has begun on the Internet, now stronger than ever, it is important that every publisher should focus on entertaining the mobile user. And to do that, there are 4 best practices available, which can make their website: mobile compatible, mobile friendly, mobile optimized or responsive.

Mobile compatible design

A compatible mobile website is a website made for HTML with no Flash. It means the website is viewable on a Smartphone or Tablet, but not optimized for these devices. These websites are designed for web browsers on PCs with very large screens and navigation is performed using a mouse. You will notice a few things about these websites when trying to browse on your Smartphone or Tablet – you have to scroll left, right, up or down and see how the site “works”, the media can load slowly, the text is small so you should be close to reading it to read the links again they are small and difficult to pin with your finger.

If you do nothing to add your website to mobile devices, then it may be mobile compatible by default. It is also possible for visitors to get rid of your site very quickly. Why? Because negative experiences do not bring customers.

Mobile Friendly websites

Mobile friendly websites are desktop sites that work regardless of what they’re viewed on. These websites do not change or appear in accordance with the device being used.

Although they pass the mobile friendly test by Google, these mobile-friendly websites do not give the user the best mobile viewing experience compared to well-designed mobile and responsive designs. While it will appear small on the phone and may not work well on a touch screen tablet, a mobile friendly website will work just fine. Many developers consider mobile friendly to be “the best practice” in all website development.

Making sure your website is mobile friendly is important. As we discussed above, the percentage of mobile users goes up fast.

What are the key features of a mobile friendly website?

Text-based phone numbers, physical addresses, or email addresses can trigger a call, directions, or email message from your mobile device

• Slideshows or image rotators work without Flash support

Smaller image sizes to allow faster uploads of mobile connections – do not even include 3G connectivity

Mobile optimized

Well-designed mobile optimized websites are easy for mobile. As the name implies, they are designed for all types of mobile devices and tablets. A well-made mobile optimized website means that the website will be redesigned to fit any mobile device.

To enhance the mobile user experience, these websites include various navigation button sizes, customized content, and customized images for various mobile devices. These sites make navigation easier for the user by providing a ‘touch friendly’ design, instead of the traditional ‘nice guide’ design.

Mobile optimized site is a very high quality website. A well-designed mobile phone enables the site to reorganize itself.

Responsive Design

Responsive design is a way of developing completely transformed websites no matter how it is used. These websites ‘respond’ to device screen size. The whole site is being redesigned and redesigned to make the website responsive.

Responsive websites have dynamic content that evolves, enhanced imagery, precision-based leaving of a device, and depends on the mobile OS to work.

To see if a website is responsive, on the desktop, simply expand or expand the browser window and check whether or not the display changes are the same as the window size.

There is no suitable choice as to which design you should choose, as it is for the purpose and audience of your website. However, you can never go wrong with responsive design, because it makes your website compatible with all kinds of devices by keeping user information easy to submit.

Make your website responsive with visual issues. With Visible Articles, your website will be taken care of by the fast, mobile and search engine categories. It will use the latest web technologies, such as AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and PWA (Progressive Web Apps). You can also add issues that include AMP observations on your site. Its design will respond to and be compatible with all devices.

The best there is : Responsive Design

As website building continues to emerge, an excellent development form has already emerged. Responsive design is a way to develop a site that is completely changeable regardless of its use. Instead of finding a specific browser or device type, the website automatically adjusts depending on the device’s screen size. The combination of modifying and redesigning the site as a whole has provided some practical flexibility.

Responsive design, while costly to upgrade, is an excellent investment if you’re working with a customer or an audience base that works on mobile devices or you need to shop on the go. Fierce purchases are noticeable, but this is especially important for content content such as blogs or news outlets.

For more information on responsive design, Contact Kozzaja team.

References :

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10 Handy tips For Social Media Marketing

Social-media has been one of our identity for a past few years. People have been living in online communities in this virtual world they have created. They use this platform to know about things, share to their followers and are constantly seeking tips and advice from the ones they admire. Information is quick in this electronic media and you can choose who to share it to.

It allows us to filter our audiences based on they information they provide voluntarily. It has provided opportunities for marketers and still growing everyday. But, there are some smart techniques to excel this process.

Relying on the power of content and social-media marketing can help elevate the target audience and customer base of an organization in a dramatic way. But whatever other say, it is vital that you understand marketing fundamentals. Following are 10 tips which will help one to build a foundation that will serve the customers, brand and the bottom line.

1. Listening

Success with social media and content marketing requires more listening and less talking. Read your target audience’s online content and join discussions to learn what’s important to them. Only then can you create content and spark conversations that add value rather than clutter to their lives.

2. Focus

A highly-focused social media and content marketing strategy intended to build a strong brand has a better chance for success than a broad strategy that attempts to be all things to all people.

3. Quality

Quality trumps quantity. It’s better to have 1,000 online connections who read, share and talk about your content with their own audiences than 10,000 connections who disappear after connecting with you the first time.

4. Patience

Social-media and content marketing success doesn’t happen overnight. For achieving a long lasting result you have to wait and watch your actions for a good time.

5. Compounding

If you publish amazing, quality content and work to build your online audience of quality followers, they’ll share it with their own audiences on their own social media. This will lead to a good numbers of sharing and could grow to hundreds or thousands of more potential ways for people to find you online.

6. Influence

Spend time finding the online influences in your market who have quality audiences and are likely to be interested in your products, services and business. Connect with those people and work to build relationships with them, this is how you could put you and your business in front of a huge new audience.

7. Value

You must add value to the conversation. Focus less on conversions and more on creating amazing content and developing relationships with online influences. In time, those people will become a powerful catalyst for word-of-mouth marketing for your business.

8. Acknowledgement

Building relationships is one of the most important parts of social-media marketing success, so always acknowledge every person who reaches out to you.

9. Accessibility

Don’t publish your content and then disappear. Be available to your audience. That means you need to consistently publish content and participate in conversations. Followers online can be fickle and they won’t hesitate to replace you if you disappear for weeks or months. Marketing is not a one time job.

10. Reciprocity

You can’t expect others to share your content and talk about you if you don’t do the same for them. So, a portion of the time you spend on social-media should be focused on sharing and talking about content published by others.

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Is motivation campaign vital to manage the employee ?

There is a multi-billion-dollar ‘motivation’ industry that feeds on the fact that most people don’t know what strong leadership looks like, or how to emulate it. Companies bring in consultants to ‘improve the team’s motivation.’ What a waste of time! Nobody comes to work to do a bad job. We all want to use our brains and hearts, but too often corporate or institutional rules, hierarchy, conflict, lack of planning or bureaucratic fear get in our way. Naturally our motivation plummets then!

You don’t need motivation programs to get people excited. A motivation program is an artificial answer to a man-made problem. We have been raised on fear-based management, on the carrot and the stick. It’s the only kind of management most of us know. We’re so used to it that we don’t see how it hurts us every day to treat our employees like children instead of the talented and capable adults they are.

Thinking adults don’t need rewards to spur them on or punishments to correct their bad habits. Those methods are insulting and ineffective. They are heavy-handed. When you simply hire people you trust and set them loose to amaze you, they will! We have lost sight of a manager’s true job, which is not to push people to hit arbitrary goals on a yardstick. Who would ever be motivated to do that?

We don’t see the pivotal role that a manager plays in his or her team’s success. We even discipline employees for being insufficiently motivated, as though anybody likes to get up and come to work to be bored and thwarted. Job ads say “We want to hire a motivated self-starter!” Here’s the problem with the idea that you can simply hire ‘motivated’ people, then sit back and watch them work: motivation is a function of your environment.

It isn’t something that your employees carry around with them, like a tape measure. Motivation programs are an expensive distraction and a waste of time. You can’t nudge and poke people into being motivated. You certainly won’t motivate anybody by criticizing them. The good news is that it’s easy to bring out your team’s natural motivation to solve problems when their work is interesting and worth doing, and when they are given the tools, time and latitude to do a great job. All you have to do to tap the amazing power supply your teammates bring to work with them is to take away the barriers to forward motion that most organizations erect without meaning to.

Some organizations make it nearly impossible for a team member to move forward an inch. They don’t trust their employees enough to let them do the jobs they were hired for. Here are ten roadblocks to forward energy — what we at Human Workplace call Team Effort — which you can start to dismantle immediately. The more easily you allow the energy to flow in your shop, the more easily your team will reach its goals!

Ten Energy Blockers That Kill Motivation

Liz Ryan

Murky or Nonexistent Plan

When there’s no plan, nobody knows what the plan is or the plan changes every two weeks, you can kiss your team’s motivation good-bye.

Role Confusion

In a healthy organisation roles may be flexible, but your team won’t get far if more than one person feels they are responsible for the same things or if there are chunks of your mission that no one is responsible for.

Mixed Messages

You can’t tell your team they are the industry’s best and then cut their tuition benefits or their lunch hour the next day. Mixed messages send the loud message “Our manager’s support is mostly lip service.”

Unaddressed Conflict

You won’t make conflicts go away by ignoring them. Honor everyone in the mix and don’t designate winners and losers as you resolve conflicts. Keep your team’s spirit in mind!

Lack of Visibility

When your teammates have no idea where the organisation is trying to go or how their team can help get there, how can they care? Everybody needs visibility into the future. Your job as a manager is to get your team the information they need to make good decisions.

Problem in the Room

A problem in the room is an important topic that should get airtime but does not get it. No one wants to talk about the problem, so everyone pretends not to see it.

Red Tape

Red tape is excess bureaucracy. It chokes the life out of a team. Don’t write any more policies — get rid of some policies, instead!

Too Many Approvals

When your employees can’t take a breath without getting signatures from God and everyone above him/her, something is broken.

Disturbance in the Force

A disturbance in the force is a negative change in the energy field — such as your team’s chilly reaction to a new bonus plan. Talk about it and get things straightened out! “I can’t change the policy” is not something that a real manager says. “Let me start a conversation and see what happens, and keep you posted” is a step in the right direction.


Burnout is a stone cold motivation-killer. You have choices: you can ease up on the workload or watch your teammates fade on the vine and give up.

As a manager you can choose to ignore any or all of these energy blockers, and many managers do just that. They don’t believe that they can fix their team’s problems, so they pretend the problems don’t exist. They try to manage through the thick sludge that gums up their processes, communication and daily life at work. You won’t great ideas from beaten-down, exhausted or frustrated people. You won’t get innovation or collaboration from them. The most you can hope for is grudging compliance. As a manager, is your mission to twist grudging compliance from your teammates, or to inspire them to new heights?

When we are fearful of rocking the boat, we pretend that we can manage our teammates just by telling them what their goals are and letting the mechanism of fear do the rest of our job for us. What is the mechanism of fear? It’s the unspoken but well-understood relationship between doing your job and having an income. We lead through fear when we assume that people must care about their work because if they don’t care, they’ll get fired. You can’t bully or threaten people into caring about their work, even if the threats are passive ones.

It is time for us to tell the truth about fear and trust and to bring ourselves to work every day. We can’t keep pretending that forecasts and budgets make our companies go, when we know in our hearts that it’s only the commitment and goodwill of our teammates that makes anything worthwhile happen.

It is a new day, and we can tell the truth about the currents of fear and trust swirling around us at work. We have to, if we value our customers, our shareholders, our teammates and our own health.

We can find our voices and speak up about what’s working and what isn’t working in our organizations. We can start today!

Article by: Liz Ryan

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3 reasons to invest in Website Design for your business

According to the eCommerce Foundation, 88% of consumers will research product information before they make a purchase online or in the store. This buying behavior trend emphasizes the importance of a website and website design for today’s businesses.

We all are aware of the fact that a website is one of the essentials for the success of any business in today’s world. But many of us think that websites are just for building credibility among customers. Hence treat a website like just a page with certain information so that customers know the business is genuine. Well, all this about credibility is true but a website can be something much more powerful.

From a startup to a corporate business with good customer base trying to acquire new potential customers, a website, that too, a professional, well-designed website is the most integral component of success.

Let’s discuss what impact does a well-designed website has in various areas critical for Business success:

1. Sales

There is no doubt that having your service or product grow online exposes your business to a larger audience and hence holds a greater potential to increase your offline sales. Not only this increase in sales opportunities with increased exposure, but a website also increases your availability to make sales.

It’s almost like your full-time sales employee which is constantly selling your products by providing customers with the information they need around the clock. So it frees up your time as you don’t have to actively engage on a constant basis.

2. Customer Retention

Well, customers are the center in the galaxy of Business. The ultimate goal of your website is to be the central place for all information about your product and service through which you can answer all user questions helping consumers make an informed purchasing decision.
Along with this quality content, the next thing is user experience. This influences a particular customer to make multiple future transactions with you. The average user will take 0.5 seconds to make up their mind on certain aspects of the website. Therefore, a website should make a good first impression. The use of images, background themes, and content layout must be in line for good user experience.

3. Marketing

In today’s world of marketing, businesses mostly leverage digital channels such as social media, email, search engine, to connect with current and prospective customers.
But from your email subscribers to your social media advertisements, every type of communication, piece of content on a third-party website or tool, you have to have a place to send consumers to when they want to learn more about your business or even make a purchase.
Your website serves as that “central base” where you can route customers to particular product or service you offer.
It takes only 50 milliseconds for a user to form an opinion about your website. A website not designed well can actually harm you by turning away potential customers.

Now, we’ll try to break down the core features of a professional well-designed website:

Simple yet attractive Design

86% of visitors want info about products/services on the homepage. A professional site has seamless navigation with menus designed in a way that customers can locate information in just a glance.
The color theme improves website recognition by 80%. Your site should be attractive, using colors and images that align with your brand while also being pleasing to the eye. A logo is equally important to establish your brand.

Loading Time

47% of users expect the website to load within 2 seconds. Otherwise, it may frustrate them. Most people would rather use your competitor than stick around for slow loading speeds.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are trusted as much as personal recommendations by 72% of users. A good website makes sure to prioritize customer reviews and makes them readily available through the product page so that consumers can easily notice the review score.


On a daily basis, 2.9 billion Google searches are executed. Imagine with this competitive market, how hard it can be to be in the spotlight. The professional site design includes SEO services that ensure consumers can find your site online by using analytics tools and algorithms. These tools help figure out what phrases people are searching for in your line of business. With so many daily searches, the traffic potential is huge.

Responsive and Mobile Friendly

Mobile devices make up two-thirds of web usage indicating surfing the web on the go is more common than the desktop. Also, another interesting fact is that only 11.8% of websites have responsive website design. So optimizing your website to have these features means you can easily get a good upfront in the competitive market.

Get Started with a Website Design for Your Business.

The importance of a website for your business, even if it only has local customers, is clear from the things we discussed above.

In fact, a survey from Business 2 Community shows that 94% of people stated that web design is the top reason that they mistrust or reject a website.
But you may be thinking where do you start?

Getting started with a professional website for your business is not as hard as it may seem. There are many website design services that you can use to design your own attractive website in just a few days or even hours. You can yourself use several drag and drop website building services like Wix. With some web design knowledge, you can also even use WordPress, which is free to start with.
However, if you are serious about launching a professional website and optimizing your site for the search engines, then you may want to work with a professional web design agency. Though it does require an up-front investment, it’s all worthwhile as they come with the knowledge that it takes to design a site that offers a positive user experience, optimized SEO, meaningful and attractive content for target customers.
If you need help designing an attractive website, it’s time to call in the experts.

Our website design team at Kozzaja provides WordPress Web Designs to help brands like yours reach new audiences online. To find out more about our web design services or to learn more about the importance of a website, contact us today.