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Ten benefits of website redesign for your business

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

More than 50% of all website traffic comes from mobile devices nowadays. On top of that, Google now ranks mobile websites ahead of desktop websites. Ensure your website is smooth on all devices to retain every visitor who accesses your website on the phones or tablets.

Improve Organic SEO to Drive More Traffic

You need to verify your website gets found. With an SEO optimized website, all the various search engines facilitating you get more visibility means more traffic and ultimately more business.

Increase Lead Generation and Conversions

Traffic is worthless if people leave just after they find your website. You want to build brand loyalty and connect to the visitors. You want them to come back again and do business with you. All websites should be optimized to ensure you achieve all your goals and grow your business.

More Accurately Represent Your business.

If your company’s vision has evolved, but your website still shows your goals and achievements from six years ago, it reflects poorly. Check that your website represents your brand image and your company perfectly. The content on the website should be fresh and frequently updated.

Improve Website Speed

47% of visitors expect a website to load in 2 seconds or less in today’s day and age. Google search pays more attention to page speed, so improving website performance increases your search engine ranks. Furthermore, people don’t patiently wait for the pages to load. Don’t drive visitors away by having a slow loading website.

Increase User Trust

People always want to work with businesses they trust. A website should incorporate social proof elements and increase reliability that helps build trust with users. Features such as testimonials, client-base, partners, case studies, social sharing widgets all play a role in increasing confidence and loyalty.

Better User Experience

If your website is quite tricky to navigate, you drive visitors away, who could have been your customers. No one has the time to figure out how the site is organized. By having straightforward navigation and precisely written website copy aligning your business offerings, you will ensure that visitors will quickly and easily find the required information.

Improve Social Engagement

Many websites lack social media sharing options and widgets. The content could be great, but there is no means to share it. Social media plays a vital role in driving traffic, and new sites must incorporate social sharing to bring invaluable traffic from social network sites. 

More Modern and Appealing Design

If your website uses the old technology before a decade took over, it is likely to make a poor first impression. You have 2 seconds to capture the visitor’s attention. That is why it’s crucial to have an attractive and well-designed website, designed with your brand in mind, easy to read and navigate.

Access to Analytics

If an expert redesigns your website, it will include features like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixels, etc. It is crucial to know where your site traffic is coming from and how long users stay on your site. After looking at the stats, you can thoroughly understand how your website performs and what you can do to improve its performance.

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Get Started with a Website Design for Your Business.

The importance of a website for your business, even if it only has local customers, is clear from the things we discussed above.

In fact, a survey from Business 2 Community shows that 94% of people stated that web design is the top reason that they mistrust or reject a website.
But you may be thinking where do you start?

Getting started with a professional website for your business is not as hard as it may seem. There are many website design services that you can use to design your own attractive website in just a few days or even hours. You can yourself use several drag and drop website building services like Wix. With some web design knowledge, you can also even use WordPress, which is free to start with.

However, if you are serious about launching a professional website and optimizing your site for the search engines, then you may want to work with a professional web design agency.

Our website design team at Kozzaja provides WordPress Web Designs to help brands like yours reach new audiences online. To find out more about our web design services or to learn more about the importance of a website, contact us today.

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Design Web

Best Vision Interior : A Case Study

Introduction : 

Best Vision Interior is a furniture and interior designing organization. The team led by Mr. Bajir Singh Thapa operates in Shantinagar Kathmandu. The administrative office is located in Babu Chiri Chowk and the factory in Kharibot 150m from the office. The team registered the company in 2018 November, under the Company Act, 2053, under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. 

History : 

The best vision team had been working as freelancers for a decade. Being highly experienced in the interior design field themselves, they wanted to create their brand of products and provide professional services from their brand. 

After the team members’ commitment, a new furniture and design company was formed with a vision to provide the best interior services, aka the name of the organization – Best Vision Interior. 


Being a new organization, they wanted to create an online presence for themselves. They wanted to promote the organization digitally. The website and the presence in social media platforms for their existing clients and new ones were also the goals. 

The team had been handling most of the inquiries via phone before. Queries related to the services, the products, location, and past experiences were taking too much of their time. 


A clean and straightforward website that features their products, services, portfolios was the main content for the website. With basic SEO, the site was gradually ranking better in google search results. 

Since they only had to provide the information regarding their products and services, a single-page website was just enough for them. 


Now, with the website, they can use more of their time doing something productive and focus on improving better client relations. The site has helped them gain digital presence, and with a minimum and effective SEO based strategy, they are booming as a small business.

With the products and services featured, people can know their products and services with just a glance. It seamlessly runs in any devices based on their screen sizes as a responsive and a one-page site. 

Additional Features 

Official email and a professional website make you stand out from the crowd. The team has been managing the emails via

For the website visit:

Visit the Kozzaja website for more of our portfolios. 

Design Web

How much should businesses allocate for a website budget in Nepal?

With five years of experience in building websites at Kozzaja, we found that, our customers ask the same questions first. How much does it cost to build a simple website? The truth is that building a website depends on the goals we try to achieve and the budget we allocate to make it. People and companies create website for different reasons. Find out, where you most focus on with this Website Essentials.
At Kozzaja, we have website plans of Rs 1000/- for small business and Rs. 35,000/- for medium business. 

Here, we’ll only show you how much it will cost to put up a website for small and medium businesses. The goals include showcasing the services you provide, and growing your online business presence.

In Nepal, business owners from both small and medium organizations can have a hard time allocating an accurate budget to create a website. Just a few firms put their pricing online, and the ones who put their rates online do without explaining much. A proper pricing plan for building a website with features stated within the ideas not only help you as business owners allocate a budget but also educate about the website capabilities. 

We have categorized businesses as a small business and medium business for this post for finding a budget for a website. These are differentiated according to their goals, customer base, and how they engage with their customers only rather than the turnover they produce.

For a Small Business:

Small businesses whose goals are only to showcase their services/ products and contact information in an elegant yet practical way, can be achieved with an essential simple static one-page website, which only costs Rs 1000/- at Kozzaja.

Small businesses include those who have just started with few employees, low customer base, and primarily dependent on offline involvement with them for running their business. They have specific service offerings and don’t change them quite often. Their customers usually interact with them by visiting them physically. Some contact on a call, or using various social media platforms like Facebook.

website budget for small business

With these goals and attributes of small business, we at Kozzaja have prepared a basic plan with Rs. 1,000/- only. 

This plan includes – an elegant, simple yet effective website with only one page, with all the information regarding services/products section, contact information section, pricing plans, and various links for reaching them on multiple platforms. 

For a Medium Business:

Medium businesses with goals to educate and engage with their customers online can get a content management system (CMS) integrated. These come with various social media platforms and analytics to verify their strategies. At Kozzaja, we have a standard plan starting from Rs 35000/- with the superior features inbuilt.

As Medium businesses, we refer to companies that have been running for a few years with an extensive and structured workforce from marketing, sales to administration. Medium businesses have a higher customer base and need to provide support to them. These business firms usually engage with a lot of information about the market, which visitors use to make decisions. A CMS helps you to keep your website up to date so that it can remain a competent and trustworthy channel of communication between you and your customers.

website budget of medium business

If you want a website to market your business for you – that is to attract visitors, convert them to leads and customers, and keep them coming back. A standard website with CMS features, Facebook chat integration, and Google analytics is a must which we provide at a price starting from Rs 35000/-.

Cost of Launching your website:

A website should be hosted with a matching domain along your organization size and goals, and only your customers can visit your site. The cost for the domain name and web hosting is based entirely on your preferences and recurring fees.

Domain Name

Your domain name is your website’s address on the internet, like,, and as per our organization, it’s For the international domain extensions like .com, you need to purchase a domain from a DNS provider or can be registered. As per the .np domain registration, it’s free and is done by Mercantile Communication Pvt. Ltd. You can visit this link to register a new domain.

Domain Name for your business

Web Hosting

Web hosting is similar to the home of your website, where you store your files and content. When a visitor accesses your website by typing your domain name, they are directed to the hosting server’s hosted files.

We at Kozzaja, have been providing hosting services by partnering with Godaddy since 2014.

Website Hosting

In Nepal, there are many hosting service providers and have their plans. You can build your host anywhere in the world.

If you have any questions regarding hosting and domain registration, feel free to contact us.


The pricing may be different depending on the web designing company, as well as your customization requirements. The more unique requirements and functionality you want from your website, the more budget you need to allocate. For example, if your business model is unique for your competitors, and you want a custom design that reflects your brand will require us to work more, which results in a more significant time frame and complexity. As a result, a considerable price quotation. So, customized and unique requirements, we have a Tailored Plan where we talk with you and prepare a quote.

We believe in websites that help achieve the business’s specific goals and objectives rather than the site itself. With these visions, we have prepared various pricing plans for you. If you want to learn more about our pricing at Rs 1000/- Website plan and Rs 35000/- Website Plan.

 You can learn our website design and development process at How we develop Websites in Kozzaja; focus on our process.

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