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Best Vision Interior : A Case Study

Introduction : 

Best Vision Interior is a furniture and interior designing organization. The team led by Mr. Bajir Singh Thapa operates in Shantinagar Kathmandu. The administrative office is located in Babu Chiri Chowk and the factory in Kharibot 150m from the office. The team registered the company in 2018 November, under the Company Act, 2053, under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. 

History : 

The best vision team had been working as freelancers for a decade. Being highly experienced in the interior design field themselves, they wanted to create their brand of products and provide professional services from their brand. 

After the team members’ commitment, a new furniture and design company was formed with a vision to provide the best interior services, aka the name of the organization – Best Vision Interior. 


Being a new organization, they wanted to create an online presence for themselves. They wanted to promote the organization digitally. The website and the presence in social media platforms for their existing clients and new ones were also the goals. 

The team had been handling most of the inquiries via phone before. Queries related to the services, the products, location, and past experiences were taking too much of their time. 


A clean and straightforward website that features their products, services, portfolios was the main content for the website. With basic SEO, the site was gradually ranking better in google search results. 

Since they only had to provide the information regarding their products and services, a single-page website was just enough for them. 


Now, with the website, they can use more of their time doing something productive and focus on improving better client relations. The site has helped them gain digital presence, and with a minimum and effective SEO based strategy, they are booming as a small business.

With the products and services featured, people can know their products and services with just a glance. It seamlessly runs in any devices based on their screen sizes as a responsive and a one-page site. 

Additional Features 

Official email and a professional website make you stand out from the crowd. The team has been managing the emails via

For the website visit:

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