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Hetu is an elegant product website that showcases its features and educates the users on a blog. Also, showing the impact of the product on society was too focused.

We used Wordpress for content management with a clean and professional design.

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Our Client

Hetu was developed for Navnepal Informatics. They required a full-featured CMS website where they can manage their contents and write educational posts about their LMS product.

Navnepal Informatics

Pvt. Ltd.

Navnepal Informatics is a team of young technical and engineers with experienced members who make a blend of a perfect combination of technical solutions by trained people.

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Our Approach

We gave a great and unique approach to this project, facilitating all the stack holders.


They needed a product website, to showcase the product features and impact in society while educating customers about the highlights from the blog.


We Created a mobile-based website so that the website guides all end-users and uses the WordPress platform to update information and manage the site.


Hosted in fast Godaddy hosting and provided the briefings on updating the contents on the website with useful SEO tools.

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